Trip to mountain Taygetos with my Himalayan

For quite some time I wanted to travel the old road that connected the cities of Sparta and Kalamata through the mountain Taygetos which is in southern region of Peloponese in Greece.

But due to either family responsibilities or due to bad weather I was not able to do it before the year ended.

So the time had come I took a day off, since there was no time to travel in the weekend.

So Monday morning has come I wake up early in the morning around 6 I made some coffee and read the news.

At 7 I weak up the two oldest kids to get ready for school and I take the dogs out for a walk.

The wife and the baby are still sleeping.

After the kids left for school I got everything in the bike including my lunch which the wife had cooked in the afternoon.

A quick stop at the gas station to fill the bike up.

The weather is nice a little cold around 15 degrees Celsius.

I had to travel for one hour in the motorway in order to get out and far away from Athens.

This is not the best road to ride the Himalayan.

I travel at around 100-110 km/h.

Close to the city of Korinthos I leave the motorway and I take the back roads to the city of Nafplio which took about another hour.

I stopped for a coffee with a friend that lives there.

We started talking about our future planned trips and by the time we finished it was already noon.

I leave the city of Nafplio and I take the old road that connected this city with the city of Tripoli.

Up to now I hadn’t make any stops to take any pictures .

The Himalayan dind’t have any issues to climb the mountain road.

The weather was nice and sunny, so I made frequent stops to take pictures.

At the town of Tegea I took the old road that connected the cities Tripoli and Sparta.

Mount Taygetos was waiting for me covered in snow.

I felt a chill in my spine seeing the snow.

After a while I reached the city of Sparta, I didn’t go into the city.

I went directly to the old road the connected the cities of Sparta and Kalamata since this was the plan.

I started to climb the mountainous road, but since it was getting around 3 in the afternoon I was really hungry so I had to stop to have some lunch.

The menu was meatballs with feta cheese and rusks

Which I devour without much thought.

After I finish with the meatballs I made some coffee.

And while I was sipping my coffee I noticed that the bike was sitting in perfect balance.

There was no way that I could do that if I wanted to.

I finish my coffee and I started to ride in one of the most beautiful roads I have traveled so far in Greece.

And for here on it starts to get interesting

Before the decent to Kalamata I made a stop for some coffee and get some warmth…

After I finished with my coffee I continued towards Kalamata city

The sun was starting to set and I had a lot or road to cover…

By the time I reached the city of Kalamata it was already dark.

I took the motorway and in about 3 hours I was back home.

It didn’t have much traffic in the motorway but the temperature reached single digits and I was starting to feel the cold.

I got home around 9, I took the dogs out for their night walk, returned home had some warm dinner and got to bed.

Another beautiful day had past…


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